This week I discovered why I love art fairs.

Instead of racing in the mad dash of Miami Art Week, attempting to visit twenty or so fairs and multiple museums in just three days with full on #FOMO #seeitall #doitall in overdrive, this year I opted for a slower ride. I chose to participate, instead of my typical role of observer and critic. I wanted to bring Baltimore art and artists to Miami but I don’t sell art, so hosting a booth didn’t make sense. Plus, at the average cost of $100k for a booth at a smaller fair, I’d need to sell a terrifying amount of magazines to make that work.

I was fortunate to meet up with the curator of Untitled art fair, Omar Lopez Chaud, last spring in Venice. After I had gushed that his art fair was my favorite for a variety of reasons – light-filled, spacious, on the beach, friendly vibe, good size, with the inclusion of experimental artist projects, not just salable works – I wondered aloud if there would be some way to participate, to bring Baltimore artists to the fair without being an official media sponsor or taking up expensive art sale real estate. We traded emails over the following months and I sent multiple proposal drafts until it clicked.




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