10 Top Booths at Art Basel in Hong Kong

On Monday and Tuesday evening, the international art world filtered through Hong Kong to attend openings at the increasingly global set of galleries the city has to offer. The Pedder Building alone is home to Pearl Lam (Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore) and Hanart (Hong Kong), as well as numerous American imports (GagosianLehmann Maupin)—a microcosm, perhaps, of the seventh edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong, which opened to VIPs on Wednesday across two floors of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.
This year, Art Basel in Hong Kong features 242 galleries from 35 countries and territories. “As good as the shows are in the West, at this standard, none of them have this kind of global diversity,” said Marc Spiegler, global director of Art Basel. Exhibitors hailing from São Paulo to Seoul, Calcutta to Melbourne, courted new collectors and coped with varying degrees of jet lag. Spiegler noted that he’s seen major changes in presentations since the fair began in the 2010s. “This is a discerning market,” he offered. “In the beginning, perhaps people thought that they could empty out their inventory.…The same quality is expected by the collectors as they would see at other shows, and the galleries meet that—or they don’t, at their own peril.” Below, we share highlights from the fair’s best booths.


full story here https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-10-best-booths-art-basel-hong-kong-03-27-19

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