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Above The Clouds

In an enviroment of expert trend hopping, two South Florida DJs, Lumin (Miami) & KEMS (Ft. Lauderdale), ignore the hype and trust their experience and impeccable tastes to guide their selections every time they step behind turntables and a mixer. This dynamic duo keeps up with the deluge of new record releases, while adding to an already vast collection of vinyl through constant digging in record shops, thrift stores, and flea markets. Their unceasing hunger for musical knowledge has one goal in mind- finding that perfect beat.
Both DJs cite hip hop as the reason for immersing themselves head first into djing, but in any given set, Lumin and KEMS can play choice heavyweight soul, funk, disco, house, jazz and more.
The goal: marrying new flavors with timeless tracks and providing a reason for the music lovers to keep coming back.

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