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For The Wyn Radio is an experience created to capture the essence of being individuals that create their own paths. If America is a melting pot, then consider us the fire that boils it. Every week we tackle topics that are controversial or just plain fun. Topics like: Is Social Media Addictive? The Importance of Voting, and How Does Sex Affect Your Health? And the music from our show is mixed and matched which each show theme weekly by internationally acclaimed DJs such as: JAY CLIPP, Jonasty, Young Venom, OhSo, Phingaprint, and many more to come. 

Up until the summer of 2016, For the Wyn Radio had been a project in the making for about a year. Wynwood Radio has given us a platform to share our experience as professional sh*t talkers, social mercenaries, and connoisseurs of music.  Each personality on our show adds their own flavor to the feast that makes us For the Wyn.

We are creating an atmosphere where the listener can hear music that isn’t normally heard on main stream radio and topics that are always debatable. Having accredited guests such as: musicians, graphic artists, sex therapists, and even athletes helps us with putting the listener in control of the flow of our show. This aspect is one of the most important details that we try to mold into something that can be only described as WTH were you guys thinking? 

We plan to keep building a stronger relationship with our community of sister stations and avid listeners. Come join our family every Tuesday evening at 5:30pm EST. You will not be disappointed. 

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